One crazy day

It was last year, I was hanging around with my friends, play guitar do some silly things, and when I was on my way home I saw some dogs, and it looks horny to me so I grab my Cellphone and start filming it

It was late afternoon, a busy day for common folks, and I've noticed s man sleeping in the middle of the road and people starts laughing, so I took some shots at it, I thought he was dead, he was just drunk. A pedicab driver came by and starts playing his... man thing... and girls start laughing(I didn't shoot that part). Anyway the police came by and drags the poor drunk man in their vehicle.

If you dont want this happen to you Drink Moderately

Late evening just hanging around at the computer shop nothing to do, I saw this kid head spinning, I wonder if he could be Asia's next dance idol, hehehe

And finally this guy solve my daily trip, hehehe... he was at the plaza doing what he usually does, Singing! yes he loves to sing, sing and sing, no one can stop him, unless you punch him on the face, hehehe...

And believe me he sucks, hahaha!

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