Be Dazzled by the Enchanted River

Be Dazzled by the Enchanted River

Nature is indeed a master of Art, and the enchanted river in Hinatuan, Surigao Del Sur, Philippines is probably one of his master piece. For some who has doubt, it may looked liked it was photo shopped, but it isn't. Its color and beauty is unmatched in any river in the world. Its crystal clear water is one of the clearest you can find in any parts of the world, its blending with colors is magical and enchanting. Its hard to believe wonders like this hasn't yet to be discovered.

This river from Barangay Cambatong was called the Enchanted river because legend has it that fairies float above the water while the elves watched them from the banks.

Be Dazzled by the Enchanted River

Its also magical, because fishermen swear they have seen fish in the river but couldn't catch even a single one. There are also lots of stories of fairies appearing, a women that suddenly disappears and a lot more.

The river is also a favorite among scuba divers because it is very deep and they say it is like an endless abyss. None hasn't yet to touch the river's bottom.

Be Dazzled by the Enchanted River

The enchanted river is like a live painting, its color is very stunning and bewitching at the same time. I

Indeed, nature is the true artist and what makes its color very artistic is still a mystery.

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September 9, 2015 at 11:30 AM

Like a huge aquarium!)) Beautiful place!)

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