10 Tips to Fully Enjoy your Summer Vacation

10 Tips to Fully Enjoy your Summer VacationMost of us worked really hard all year long and now summer is here, its time to have some fun and let go all the negative energies of work. Here at SLtrippers we will give you summer tip for your total enjoyment and relaxation.

Summer vacation is a wonderful idea to restore and rejuvenate our body and mind. Its those rare times where we can bond with our family and friends without worrying time, money and work. 

Relax and take note of these tips to fully enjoy your summer vacation.

1. Do not wear your watch

By looking at the time we worry on what we will do. For example, you look at your watch and its 12 noon, so its usually time to eat and when its 9pm we usually go to bed. Chill out! leave the watch in your room, don't do the usual when you are at a summer vacation. Eat when you want to eat, and sleep when you want to sleep. Its nice to be irresponsible and worry free sometimes.

2. Bring less electronic devices

If possible, don't bring all your electronic gadgets on a summer vacation. Don't bring your laptop and smartphone at the same time, just pick one. Using electronic devices while on a trip could ruin your relaxation because you might be texting or surfing the net instead of scuba diving or doing waters sports with your friends and family.

3. Pick a destination where ALL can have fun

Everyone has different interest even when we are on outdoors. For example, if one of your family or friends is not into extreme water sports, then pick a destination where you can have fun while doing your thing while he/she is having fun with theirs. Try to ask some activity where all can agree so that you can bond with them.

4. Carry less

Once of the most stressful thing about traveling is carrying too much baggage. To fully enjoy your vacation you need to carry only the things that are necessary. Plan ahead of the schedule, how many days you will be on vacation, where, what clothes do you need?. Bring only those you can carry, unless someone else will do the carrying for you.

5. Just think that it is your sick day

Too much work makes us sick, right. And what do we do when we are sick? we are lazy, tired to go to work and we let other people do the basic chores like cleaning or washing the dishes. When we are on vacation we should stop thinking about work, or deadlines. We should think like a sick person, lazy for work but well when having fun.

6. Host a camp fire

If we hang out on the beach at night we usually takes dead leaves or any wooden sticks to be used in a camp fire. A camp fire is a great way to connect with the people around you. Share stories, and experience, in that way you will know them more.

7. Have a Popsicle

I don't know why but it feels good when I have a Popsicle or ice cream on a vacation, especially on the beach. I guess its a comfort food during summer. 

8. Plan ahead

A summer vacation should have a plan. If you have 8 people in your van, you need to know where you're spending the night. Because driving around some creepy town at midnight with hungry, whiny kids in the back isn't the funnest way to spend your time. So make reservations, or at least know your options ahead of time.

9. Don't forget the Camera!

Your fun memories is the most important thing on a vacation and its not complete without taking pictures of those unforgettable moments. Bring a camera to preserve those precious memories together with your family and friends.

And the most important tip of all!

10. Safety first

All of those tips are worthless if you are careless. Safety is always a priority in every traveler, make sure your car tire is on well condition, check the gas, make sure your vehicle runs well. Or if you are commuting, provide a compass, a map or GPS, in case you get lost. Take note all the the important numbers including near Police station telephone numbers, close relative land line numbers, or contact to the nearest Hospital. 

Don't go to places where locals don't want you to go. Also follow instructions of lifeguards to prevent drowning. Keep an eye for your children, and always follow them especially if they are toddlers. 

There you go!

Some tips to fully enjoy your summer vacation. Remember, have fun but keep in mind that safety is first.

Have a happy summer!

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