Meet the Trippers

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!WARNING: Dont let their looks fool you 

Name : Dennis Jay Baisa
Info: from tacloban he is a pro propamatron he loves to cook
and girls but girls dont like him, hehehe

Name: Loideson Mate
Info: from Catbalogan eldest son of Manu Elliot loves to get drunk, sleep
and adventures as you can see in his picture he is very happy, hehehehe
Name:  Rodil Filler Jr.
Info: from Calbiga, Samar loves to eat and eat again, hahaha!!
Name: Leve Ronaele Lepiten
Info: from Catbalogan a native of Cebu is a guitar and drum player he loves horse... Red Horse
adventurer and lover boy... because he is a rocker, hahaha!
Nme: Dustin Gaspay
Info: from Catbalogan a native of Leyte a Guitar player and an adventurer
loves to eat, sleep and drink

The Group has toured all over Samar and Leyte and is excited to share the experience to everyone not just the nature trip but also the laugh trip party trip any trip you name it

are you ready for the challenge?

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