Trippings in Paranas Part 2

Another Mis Adventures of the B.A. Gang 

This is the second time we have been here and this time we do our tripping to the max. Popeye's mom invited us to go back here because people from the TFC (the Filipino Channel) will do a story featuring the river in Paranas, Samar

The Tubbing was really fun, it lets your heart pump with adrenaline. The water was low that time that is why some rocks will bounce off on your butt and it hurts.

Miner and Arsonist, hehehe

Meet, Popeye the Adroid, hehehe. He brought us here because Tita Zenny worked here on the Samar Island Biodiversity office in Paranas. This was a fun experience tubing and kayaking.

Loid I can see your Pussy, hahaha!

The first night of the B.A. Gang, Popeye and Loid is watching porn that is why you can see on his pose he is ready to "get it on!"

Oh Yeah! river tubing caterpillar mode

Second day, as usual tubing while posing to the camera. Oh yeah see that look on Manu Elliot's face, he is really happy, hahaha!

Looks good for some water adventure

This is the last point and the most dangerous part of the river. The tourist guide says we need to be solid on catterpillar mode if we wan't to pass the rapids, and we did! It was really thrilling. Only Rodil did not joined us because our friend Anne is having some psychological problems, again. He accompanies her back to the starting point.

The Terrorist ahhh ehh Tourist, hahaha

Samar Island Biodiversity Project

Badminton Court

I miss these days, but now its hard to have trippings with my old mates, because most of them are now married. If someone wants to go on a tripping, I am the guy you are looking for :-P.

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