Beautiful Churches in the Philippines

The Philippines is the only Roman Catholic country in Asia. A Church symbolizes the Christianity of the Filipino people and I have here some of the most Beautiful Churches in the Philippines.

Paoay Church

History has it that the parish of Paoay church was founded by Augustinian Missionaries in 1593 — which is why this church is in Paoay, and where its cornerstone was laid only in 1704 — is called St. Augustine Catholic Church. The church was damaged by an earthquake in 1706 and 1927. Its construction primarily was intended to withstand earthquakes.

San Sebastian Church

The Church of San Sebastian is made of a steel frame and panels and is known for its distinct characteristic - that of being the only neo-gothic steel church in the Philippines and in Asia.

Not known to many, Gustave Eiffel (the man behind The Statue of Liberty and The Eiffel Tower) did its metal works. Earlier churches built on this site by recollect friars since 1611 had been destroyed by earthquakes three times (1859, 1863 and 1880) before they decided that stone was too flimsy for Manila's shaky foundation. So they commissioned the steel church, who's steel parts were manufactured in the Societe Anonyme's foundry in Binche, Belgium and were shipped to Manila. On June 12, 1888, the first shipment of steel parts were brought to the Philippines. For two years, the church was assembled with local artists and craftsmen joining the Belgian firm in applying the final finishing touches on this new church of steel. The stained glass windows were imported from the Henri Oidtmann Company, a German stained glass firm.

On June 24, 1890, the Church of San Sebastian was raised into the status of a minor basilica. The following year, on August 15, 1891, the all-steel church of San Sebastian was inaugurated and blessed. The interior of the church display groined vaults. Styled along neo-Gothic lines, the steel parts of columns, walls and ceiling were painted to resemble marble and jasper by Filipino artist Lorenzo Rocha and his students. True to the Gothic revival spirit of the church are its confessionals, pulpit and altars as designed by Filipino artist Lorenzo Guerrero. He with fellow artist Eulogio Garcia carved the statues of holy men and women. Trompe l'oeil paintings was used to decorate the interiors of the church.

The Church of San Sebastian is a reflection of the late 19th century innovations in architecture, art and construction.

Liliw Church, Laguna

One of the oldest but still beautiful churches in the Philippines is the Church of Liliw. This building which is made of bricks still standing proud and strong. This centuries-old building is located in the town of Liliw in the province of Laguna.

Tabaco Church, Albay

The very old Tabaco Church in the town of Tabaco in the province of Albay is an NCCA National Heritage Site. The church is estimated to have been built before 1750. Tabaco Church was declared a national landmark in 1973.

Photo by Serdenia Arlon
Santo Tomas de Villanueva

The Church of Santo Tomas de Villanueva withstood the occasional attacks from Muslims coming from the south. The church and its watchtowers had been built with thick walls and secret passages to defend the town and its people. The defensive purpose of the Church led to the popular name The Miag-ao Fortress Church.

Photo by Karmacamilleeon
Church of La Nuestra Señora de la Asuncion, Santa Maria Ilocos Sur

The Church of La Nuestra Señora de la Asuncion is located on top of a hill, it served as a citadel during times of crisis, providing the best example of the blend of purposes in the architecture. Two huge columns flank the church façade and what makes the church attractive is the reddish exterior due to the exposed brickwork.
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January 14, 2013 at 7:21 PM

amazing !

January 17, 2013 at 10:46 PM

I've been to Paoay once and visited the old church there..I wish to see other old churches in the country someday..

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